Spine Surgery

Spinal surgery is recommended when there is a structural problem of the vertebrae. The goal of this surgery is to help treat chronic causes due to friction caused by the movement of the bones. It also helps to take care of any wear and tear of the muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

Spinal Fusion

Also known as a welding process, Spinal fusion helps to correct the small bones in the vertebrae (spine) through a surgical process. This corrective procedure is recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain due to any movement and to restore the spine’s stability.


Discectomy is a surgical process that helps to relieve chronic pain caused due to damages on a herniated disc of the spine. This also helps to relieve the irritation caused to nerves, chronic neck and/or back pain or even the pain that radiates in the legs or arms.


Laminectomy is considered to be one of the major surgical procedures of the spine and is done to remove the lamina bone of the vertebrae. This also helps to target the removal of any/all residual scar tissues which can lead to post -laminectomy syndrome. This is the last option when other alternative non-removal bone treatment options have shown no results.

Spine Curvature

Spine curvature is a corrective treatment that targets any abnormalities of the spinal cord. This also helps to treat spinal exaggeration and misalignment problems. The treatment for spine curvature can range from corrective surgery to non-surgical methods like medicines, exercises and back brace if there is a need.

Spinal Infection

Spinal Infection can be caused due to various factors and can be fungal or bacterial. One of the most commonly known spinal infections is vertebral osteomyelitis. There are many reasons why a person can develop spinal infections. Some of them include organ transplant, cancer, malnutrition etc. The kind of treatment depends on the type and extent of the infection.

Spinal Tumors

Although this is something that is very rare, Spinal Tumors can cause a lot of pain due to the pressure that is applied to the surrounding bones or nerves of the spine. It can also be malignant in nature which can lead to cancer. The treatment is based on the size and location of the tumor.

Spinal Stenosis

When a person is diagnosed with Spinal stenosis, it means that the spaces in the spine have narrowed. This results in a lot of pressure and pain to the nerves and spinal bone. The most common regions where this problem can happen are the neck and lower back.

Spinal decompression surgery for pinched nerve

Spinal decompression surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps to alleviate pain and relieve pressure caused due to a disc material and/or bone. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon takes out a small portion of the lamina bone that is causing an obstruction to the movement of the nerve root. This helps the nerve to get the space needed and helps to reduce the feeling and discomfort caused due to the pinched nerve.

Degenerative Spine Conditions

The Degenerative Spine condition is not caused due to any injury in particular. It can also happen due to arthritis, infections, tumors etc. In this condition, the function and structure of the spine becomes abnormal due to overuse, repeated sprains and strains. The constant wear and tear causes the spinal disc to degenerate.

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