Located in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is a tiny island nation known for its sunny beaches and rich history. One can find monuments and structures dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt, as well as the Byzantine empire. This diverse history and culture is just one of the many reasons millions of visitors flock to the island each year. Today, Cyprus also attracts nature lovers, foodies, sports enthusiasts, and even medical tourists. Over the years, the country has built a strong reputation as a hub for wellness and rejuvenation, with a long list of traditional and natural therapies and programs. Today, it also boasts of several leading hospitals offering the latest surgical solutions to a wide range of issues.

Cyprus is now a preferred destination for a wide range of treatments, offering treatments and patient safety on par with Europe, while often saving patients up to 20-30%. Not only are treatments more economical, but so are local expenses. This makes Cyprus a great option for patients looking to receive Europe-level care, service and treatment on a budget. Thanks to the creation of the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board, medical tourists can benefit from a unified government entity for all their needs. This focus has made the country a great option for patients seeking IVF, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic care.

Mediglobe’s network of experts and partners in the country ensure you get the best quality care, along with a fantastic medivacation that you won’t forget.

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