Cardiology is the medical speciality that deals with all heart conditions. Cardiologists can offer numerous surgical and non-invasive solutions to a wide range of heart conditions, depending on various factors. Heart health is extremely important, which is why everyone is urged to get frequent check-ups and detect any issues early on.

If caught early, most patients go on to live long and normal lives. However, certain cardiac conditions can leads to years of suffering and poor quality of life. The good news is, many issues can be resolved through surgery. Mediglobe’s network of cardiac experts can offer all kinds of solutions, ensuring you have the best chance of a long and healthy life.


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

CABG is a surgical treatment method used to treat the narrowing of the coronary arteries (Coronary Artery Disease or CAD) in the heart. CAD is usually the result of a build-up of fatty material within the walls, which is treated by bypassing the damaged artery with a piece of a healthy blood vessel.

Heart Valve Surgery

If one or more of the heart’s four valves fails, a surgeon can replace or repair the damaged valve. If left untreated, a damaged heart valve can cause blood to flow in the wrong direction which can lead to death.


Pacemaker Implantation

A Pacemaker is a small electronic device that helps to regulate the heart’s functionality and heartbeat. It is usually implanted for patients suffering from irregular heartbeat or are at risk of heart failure. The pacemaker does not replace the heart, but rather assists it.

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

EECP is a non-invasive cardiac treatment method that can treat a variety of heart-related conditions. Patients undergo 35 hours of therapy by placing pressure bands on their legs,  increasing the amount of blood returning to the heart.


VSD Closure

A ventricular septal defect (VSD) is a hole in the wall that separates the lower chambers of the heart. It usually occurs in children, and closes on its own. However in some cases, surgery may be required to close the hole, to prevent long-term damage. 


This is a type of cardiac surgery where muscles from one part of the body are taken and added to the heart. It is done to strengthen weak heart muscles, to ensure optimum blood flow to all parts of the body.


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