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WIth a global network of leading cardiology experts, Mediglobe offers you a world of options for a healthier heart. Our comprehensive support system will also ensure you are at ease, every step of the way.

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At Mediglobe, we offer a wide range of cardiac care services, collaborating with renowned hospitals worldwide. Whether you require diagnosis, treatment, or specialized procedures, our network of cardiac experts provides personalized solutions to meet your unique needs. Discover the right cardiac care for you.

Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic Procedures

Accurate diagnosis is crucial in cardiology. Diagnostic procedures may include electrocardiograms (ECG/EKG), echocardiography, stress tests, cardiac catheterization, cardiac MRI, or nuclear imaging to assess heart function, blood flow, and identify any abnormalities.

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology involves minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat heart conditions. These procedures may include angioplasty, stenting, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), or transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) to restore blood flow, open narrowed arteries, or repair faulty valves.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Cardiac electrophysiology focuses on diagnosing and treating electrical disorders of the heart. Procedures such as electrophysiology studies (EPS) and radiofrequency ablation are used to identify and correct abnormal heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, or supraventricular tachycardia.

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery involves surgical interventions to treat various heart conditions. Procedures may include coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), valve repair or replacement, atrial or ventricular septal defect closure, or heart transplantation. Surgical options are tailored to each patient's specific needs.

Heart Failure Management

Heart Failure Management

Heart failure management focuses on optimizing treatment and lifestyle modifications to improve quality of life and slow disease progression. This may involve medication, dietary changes, exercise programs, implantable devices, or advanced heart failure therapies like ventricular assist devices (VADs).

Structural Heart Interventions

Structural Heart Interventions

Structural heart interventions address structural abnormalities of the heart that may require repair or replacement. These procedures include closure of septal defects, repair of congenital heart defects, transcatheter valve replacements, or mitral valve repairs using minimally invasive techniques.

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Our ground team will arrange your pick-up, accommodation, translation, and any other services you may need at the destination.

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Once your treatment is complete, we will follow up with you for up to 6 months to ensure a smooth recovery.

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