Bariatrics is the medical speciality that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Bariatric surgery is often the last step for patients suffering from weight issues, when diet and exercise have failed to work. Traditionally, bariatric procedures have involved surgeries, but today many non-surgical methods are available.

On their own, bariatric treatments won’t magically resolve weight issues. Patients may still need to follow a strict diet and exercise routine to ensure the long-term success of bariatric surgery. Mediglobe offers both surgical and non-surgical solutions to combat weight gain, in several leading destinations. Our wide range will ensure you can find a solution that fits your needs.


Gastric Bypass

This surgical technique involves the creation of a small stomach pouch, by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest. The small intestine is then connected to the pouch, reducing the overall size of the stomach and therefore appetite and food portions.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band

LABG is very similar to gastric bypass, but involves the insertion of an adjustable band. Fluid in the band can be added/removed through a needle to adjust the size of the pouch, and therefore the food intake of the patient. 


Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this surgical procedure, a portion of the stomach is removed from the patient. This reduces the capacity of the stomach, and therefore the appetite of the patient. Unlike gastric bypass and LABG, it is a permanent procedure.

Allurion Balloon Treatment

This non-invasive procedure involves the swallowing of a capsule. The capsule contains a balloon that swells inside your stomach, therefore reducing the size and the patient’s appetite. After some time, the balloon automatically deflates and passes through the digestive system without causing any harm. 


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