Breast Cancer

Navigating Hope A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Cancer Care with Mediglobe Breast cancer is a global malevolent that affects millions of lives worldwide. Mediglobe, a medical tourism company, understands the obstacles that cancer patients and their families are facing. We are here to provide you with care and comfort. Providing support, providing guidance, and finding […]

Reasons To Be Bullish About Medical Tourism in 2023 Despite Headwinds

medical tourism

According to one report, the medical tourism market was estimated to be worth $105 billion in 2019. Despite the global shutdown in 2020 and 2021, it is estimated that the industry is still very much growing, albeit at a slower pace. By 2025, it is estimated to balloon to $182 billion, at a CAGR of […]

Medical Tourism Facilitators Must be at the Center of the Industry. Here’s Why

medical tourism facilitators

For decades, medical tourism facilitators have helped patients navigate the complex world of medical tourism. Despite the rapid growth of the industry, challenges still remain making it tough to navigate for those that aren’t frequent flyers. But thanks to the power of the internet, knowledge sharing has become far easier, which therefore begs the question- […]

MediDestinations: Cyprus – History Meets Healthcare


Cyprus Quick Facts With a rich history that spans Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, Cyprus is a destination filled with culture and beauty. Thanks to its geographic location, Cyprus’ sunny beaches are also a prime attraction for millions of tourists from around the world. However, there’s more to this Mediterranean island than just […]

Innovation in Medical Tourism Needed to Drive the Industry

Innovation in medical tourism is very much the need of the hour if the industry is to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Necessity is the mother of innovation, and so goes the saying. However, the 21st century has witnessed a technological revolution not always driven by necessity. Food delivery became the norm before COVID-19 shut […]